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New Videos Posted to Rumble 8/17/23

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This presentation by Dr. McCormick is exception and provides valuable information beyond for those concerned about bone health.

Also, we do not appear to have the video from the 6/26 and 6/28 talks on the Multifunctional Cardiogram (MCG) but we do have the audio file. Click on the link to listen to the 6/26/2023 presentation.

Here are the details...

Dr. Sam Fillingane on Multifunctional Cardiogram (MCG)

The MCG is going to revolutionize the way we identify and treat cardiovascular disease. The MCG is an electrocardiogram (ECG) that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and provides the clinician information on 26 areas about the heart in a way that a clinician has never had access to before.

The device is as safe to use as any ECG device using no radiation, nuclear materials, or contrast, making this a test that can be repeated without fear of anyone, including pregnant patients, having any harm. The MCG took over 23 years to develop and is now FDA approved. It won the AHA Innovation Award of the Year in 2017.

There are numerous peer reviewed studies done now in 5 countries on 3 different continents. The information that clinicians will receive from the MCG should help safe hundreds of thousands of lives in the future as patients will know who has developing heart disease at a very early time allowing diagnostic and treatment time to get the disease under control before patients get hurt. Artificial intelligence is becoming a more common factor in so many areas of life now, so it should be no surprise that AI would be useful to help improve cardiovascular care.

Sam Fillingane, D.O., is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at William Carey University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Fillingane is a graduate of Kansas City University, College of Osteopathic Medicine. Before joining the staff of WCUCOM, Dr. Fillingane practiced in Jackson, Mississippi, with his practice devoted to cardiovascular risk reduction. Dr. Fillingane developed the 8 cardiovascular inflammatory disease state model over 20 years ago (now 10 disease states) that he has been teaching nationally for years.

In addition to his medical practice, Dr. Fillingane was the Director of Medical Education and Medical Director of several national cardiovascular laboratories. Dr. Fillingane hosted a nationally televised medical show entitled, “Straight To The Heart” that aired on My Family TV Network, The Retro Network, and Comcast Network, with the show seen all over the world.

Dr. Fillingane regularly took patients with high-grade coronary stenosis from all over the nation and reversed the occlusive coronary disease with a very low incidence of failure (1.2 heart attacks per year during an outside group evaluation of 8 years data). Dr. Fillingane’s passion is to see cardiovascular disease outcomes improved substantially throughout the world.


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