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Rejuvenate Your Blood Vessels

Dr. David Harshfield explain his 2-pronged approach..

Dr. David Harshfield, a functional radiologist, explains how health resides in the MICRO VESSELS - NOT in the large vessels. See how Dr. Harshfield uses a 2-pronged approach to healing vessel disease: Prong 1: Pre-hab that includes measuring inflammatory biomarkers and improving their status. 2: Stem cell therapy to rejuvenate vessels.


Look below to find the times and links to our weekly webinars....

What is the Chronic Disease Support program?

1. It is a weekly live, interactive, 1h, webinar on Zoom covering important health-related topics.

2. The schedule is Tuesday at 8 pm EST. The topic is the same at both times/dates. We offer 2 times per week to accommodate schedules.

Monday Zoom Link (12 noon EST):

Tuesday Zoom link (8pm EST):

copy and paste to your browser at the designated time to join.

Except those associated with the vaccines


Stay Well

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