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Safe? Putting Myself at Risk.

A colleague sent me a link to a CDC website covering myths regarding the COVID shot. When I read it I starting thinking about my children and their futures....

But, I took a turn into objectivity and carefully reviewed the statement. Here is the link to the CDC website.

I did my best to shed memories of cliche's like, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."

I give President Clinton a "shout out" because he has expanded my use of language and the scientific method. We now no longer have a straight-forward definition for the word "is." Thus, we have to question the definition of every word, including the word "help."


Here is the myth I will cover in this blog. This graphic is from the CDC webpage.

I am putting myself at risk with you wrt my credibility because you will find that I agree with the CDC implication - that the ingredient of the vaccines are no more dangerous than the ingredients listed fats, sugars, and salts. Please read on.


The crux of the issue about vaccine safety is in the definition of safe and dangerous. The definition of a vaccine has changed to accommodate the biologic substances. The definition of dangerous appears to have changed also.

"Ingredients" is one of two key terms here. Ingredients are individual foods that are combined to make prepackaged food products. They are additives. A pepper, for example, does not have any ingredients - it is just a whole food, nothing but the food.

"Nearly" is also a key term. The concept of horseshoes and hand grenades comes to mind. Are you aware of the concept of an LD50? In toxicology, it is the amount of a substances that kills 50% of the test animals - usually rats. See the figure below.

Water can kill and has an LD50. The toxic action is really the dilution of electrolytes - but it still can kill. Botulinum toxin is the most toxic substance measured. It kills at least half of the test subjects at a dose of 10(-8) mg/kg or 0.00000001 mg/kg of body weight. It creates toxicity at even a much lower dose.

What are the LD50's of the "nearly" ingredients in the vaccine? That matters!

Here is a good article titled: There's Toxicity, And There's Toxicity,10%20nanograms%2Fkilo%20by%20inhalation.

Also, what is the time frame of exposure? These biologics stay in your body for a long time so the exposure is long-term, just like the causes of chronic conditions....


In the context of vaccine danger for this blog - my focus is more on the ingredients and the NEW definitions or standard for dangerous and safe. We have established that, according to the CDC, the vaccines are as safe a food ingredients - except for the "nearly" part