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Take the Plunge?

This "immune booster" is not for everyone. Joe Rogan is a regular subscriber to the cold plunge. Ronda Patrick and Andrew Huberman droned on about cold therapy while admitting that it was not easy to do or sustain.

Back in my professional racing days - 30+ years ago - we would run from a hot bath to an ice bath after events. NOT SUSTAINABLE.

However, I believe hot and cold - or just cold - treatments can be very effective for everyone - especially the sedentary and the very athletic. Your body / brain will NOT let your tissue freeze so it will increase blood flow to the area(s). This is why I believe targeted cold therapy is better than whole-body cold therapy. How can you increase blood flow to all tissues at once? OK, you can raise your heart rate, but does that happen in cold therapy? There is no question that you can increase blood flow locally.

What I am doing now is "targeted" cold therapy. Why? So that I can do it regularly without dread. I have purchased cold therapy wraps. Here is an example that cost me <$35.

Here is an excerpt from and advertisement I received today from Therasage. Their systems are expensive but these large cold wraps are not.

"Exploring the history of cold plunging and cold water immersion will reveal how it has evolved over the years… as well as the benefits you can enjoy from the comfort of your home!

The practice of cold water immersion can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where it was believed that the healing power of cold springs could help treat a variety of ailments. From there, the practice made its way to Russia, where it was commonly used by ski jumpers as a form of cryotherapy to help relieve sore muscles before competitions.

In the early 20th century, Swedish physician Per Henrik Ling developed hydrotherapy treatments for patients with joint pain and fatigue. His methods incorporated shower baths (hot then cold) and eventually led to the creation of cold plunge pools at his own Swedish hospital. Since then, hydrotherapy has become more widely accepted as an effective form of treatment for various conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis.

More recently, modern science has revealed additional benefits to frequent exposure to chilly temperatures such as weight loss, improved mood, increased energy levels, and a boosted immune system. Today, many spas offer plunge pools or ice baths as part of their services while some people even use homemade contraptions (such as coolers filled with icy water) in order to take regular dips into icy temperatures within their own homes.

Cold plunging and cold water immersions have come a long way since their introduction centuries ago and are now widely accepted forms of therapy used by medical professionals around the world. Whether you’re trying to alleviate pain from injury or just looking for an extra boost in your daily life- taking the plunge into frigid waters may just be the answer!

The health benefits of cold plunging and cold water immersion have been well-documented in recent years. Researchers have found that taking a plunge in icy waters can help boost immunity, improve mood, reduce inflammation, and even regulate hormones."

Link to the full article:

Here is their device. I cannot imagine taking the "plunge" daily, but applying the wraps daily is something I actually look forward to - especially on a hot day or right after a workout.

$5 grand, really? What about salt, ice, and a bathtub?


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