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The Health Revival Process - New Mercola Customers

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

If you are seeing this page and you just took our risk assessment survey - Congratulations - you completed it successfully.

This information is intended for those of you who have ordered testing or consult time based on our talk on yesterday.

Here is the process:

  1. If you placed an order - we have it and you are in our process.

  2. Watch for an email from us - and check your spam.

  3. The email will include instructions on how to take our risk assessment.

Here is the link to the risk assessment if you haven't found or received that yet:


Please only take this if you have ordered from us. Everyone who places any kind of order is asked to take this risk assessment. It is a critical part of your health plan development.

When you take this survey, be sure to click on "submit" on the last page. You should then be redirected to one of our web pages if you successfully completed the survey. You do NOT get anything delivered to you by taking the survey. We get the information and create a color-coded report that we will share with you during consult time.

You can click the "save" icon at the bottom of the survey page to save your work. Please complete this survey in one "sitting." It takes up to 30 minutes to complete.


4. You will receive an email to set up an account in our practice management system called "gethealthie." This is NOT our website. It IS a secure - HIPAA compliant system - that allows us to share sensitive health information in compliance with privacy laws.

Since we are on Mercola, we may be under scrutiny. Thus, we need to comply with "best practices" so "they" do not have anything against us that could compromise our program.

You will also be receiving a phone call from one of our staff members to help you through this process. You can always call us at 202.630.3221 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


5. If your ordered labs - we are working on creating that order. We will NOT email the order to you. We WILL put the lab order up in the "gethealthie" system for you to see and download.

Also, once you have created your "gethealthie" account (DON'T CREATE YOUR GETHEALTHIE ACCOUNT UNTIL YOU GET AN INVITE FROM US), you can add any existing health information into this system. You will upload that information into the "documents" folder. Once there, you will have full access to that information - as will myself or another health professional on my team. But, only my team and you will have secure access to this information - with the purpose of helping you understand and improve your health.


6. The Lab draw process. Once your lab order is up, you will go to to schedule your blood draw. You can pick the location and time. Usually you will be in and out of Labcorp in 15 minutes. You have pre-paid