The RIGHT salt lowers Blood Pressure Risk

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Potassium is a salt too!

Many of us view "salt" as one thing - table salt aka sodium chloride. Our bodies need balance and harmony. Sodium is the alpha while potassium is the omega. When our body has both, we are in balance.

Our cells run on "electricity" just like a battery. A battery operates by simply creating a flow of current (electrons). Do you remember that frog leg experiment from junior high? When the frog leg is attached to electrical lead and the electricity is pulsed, the frog leg twitches. This is what happens in out body to make our muscles move or our brain "think."

The main source of battery power in our body is the movement of sodium and potassium in what is known as the "sodium - potassium pump."

Quick Facts:

Recommended Daily Allowances:

Sodium: 2.3 g/day down from 3.4 g/day because of concerns about hypertension.