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Vaccine Trials for Children?!

According to this article, enrolling children in a vaccine trial is not supposed to be a profit center for parents.


Did big pharma read this interview and realize they could coerce with just a few $. Fast forward to COVID and the jab, which is offered in CA.

America now has a great divide in wealth from the top tier to the bottom. One reason -for another blog - is governmental disregard for anti-trust legislation. As a drive down route 11E in East Tennessee, the parking lots of "corporate food" providers - Texas Roadhouse and Cheddars Disgusting Kitchen are brimming over, while the few places that make food truly from scratch are quickly going out of business.

The temptation of $2,800 is powerful - but what is the real compensation? Are these people above bait and switch?


  1. wealth regarded as an evil influence or false object of worship and devotion. It was taken by medieval writers as the name of the devil of covetousness and revived in this sense by Milton. "others have forsaken Mammon in search of something on a more spiritual plane"

Mammon over Humanity!

I wrote an article on this topic back in 2020 with a link to the article that Harvard decided was an "inconvenient truth."


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Pure Evil! We abuse our children for $$$- I realized the US hated children when we lived in England(no food coloring in candy, fresh fruit/veggies provided as snacks in school, candy, chips and soft drinks “prohibited” in school…). And, of course, Europe bans most harmful chemicals that we embrace enthusiastically! American Mothers are too busy and too brainwashed to figure it out! So few of us (Moms) understand this-as our children get sicker and dumber. Ugh!

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