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What is Your Jab Risk? Dr. McCullough

Dr. McCullough presents a simple way you can determine your risk of "dying suddenly." Admittedly, it is not perfectly scientific. However, sometimes we must rely on experience when it comes to a new "insult," or as John Leake calls it, the "new product." In this case we are referring to the mRNA injection.

Dr. McCullough suggests how one could determine their own risk of a bad outcome at about minute 52 in the video.


How can you add precision to this subjective assessment of your risk?

Run the spike antibody test as shown here by way of a sample report.

to order, go here (link below) or contact

Add to that, our spike risk panel.

Importantly, the testing provides solutions that we believe will lower your risk of a bad or fatal outcome.

Might this be a good holiday gift for your jabbed friend or family member?

***** Both these products are offered at a 15% discount through this Thanksgivings Day week. The sale ends on Sunday, November, 26th. *****


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