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Reverse Diabetes

Our favorite pharmacist - Billy Wease - presented on reversing and preventing diabetes. One thing we know for sure, diabetes is NOT a disease of excess sugars (glucose). If it were, conquering diabetes would be easy.


The ACCORD Study explains why glucose is not the issue:

The aim of the ACCORD trial was to determine whether intensive therapy to control blood glucose levels (targeting HbA1c <6.0%) in type 2 diabetics would reduce cardiovascular events, compared to standard therapy (targeting HbA1c from 7.0-7.9%). I

In summary, this trial demonstrates that intensive glucose lowering significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular (4 - 76% increase in cardiovascular deaths) and all-cause mortality (1 - 46% increase in all deaths) as compared with standard therapy.

Billy Wease says that treatment of diabetes in the standard of care is upside down. He is absolutely right because getting better glucose numbers leads to more deaths - yet that is the goal of essentially every doctor practicing standard of care - getting glucose down.

Link to webinar video:


if you want to understand the complexity of diabetes and weight loss consider reading this blog I posted years ago titled, "26 ways you get and stay hungry."


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