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If you are interested in improving or optimizing your health, follow our recommended path- Be Well!


Programs and Panels

Watch this video for advice on where to start.


Our Core Diagnostics Explained

Our "flagship" diagnostic tools are the "Chronic Disease Assessment" and the "Chronic Disease Temperature." Below is a brief explanation of these tools along with a snapshot of reports generated that help guide the development and implementation of a personalized, comprehensive care plan. If you require more information, read one of our books or send us a note.

Biomarker Panel - Chronic Disease Temperature

This is a blood-based biomarker panel including 55 individual biomarkers. It is heavily weighted towards inflammatory markers that objectively explain your risk of morbidity (chronic illness) and mortality (risk of premature death). LabCorp charges $1070 for these tests individually.

This panel was designed by our Harvard and MIT Team. The panel provides a wealth of information. More importantly, you will have a consult with one of our biomarker interpretation experts. That person will explain, in great detail, the story your labs paint about your chronic risks and health.

After you place your order, a team member will acknowledge your order, and request necessary information to generate your lab order. You will be able to arrange your own collection location and time from LabCorp once you have your actual order form. Price includes ALL labs and consult. See sample report below. (Note - report not inclusive of all 50+ markers)

The Chronic Disease Assessment

The CDA is an extensive health & risk evaluation tool designed by our Harvard Medical School and MIT team. It also includes important contributions by Institute for Functional Medicine doctors.


Take the Chronic Disease Assessment and one of our Health Revival professionals will review your results with you (up to 1 hour). This assessment and consult is designed to bring to light known and unknown risks and outline options for resolving these risks.


At the end of the checkout process, you will be provided a link to the Chronic Disease Assessment along with instructions. Email us at and we will help you if any problems arise.

Price includes full assessment and 1 hour consult. See sample (partial) report below.  

This provides great value and insights for very low cost.

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